Cyber Security Assessments

Things To Look for in Cyber Assessments

For any business operating in this technology-driven world, it is essential to perform a thorough cybersecurity assessment. What if the hp storage solutions wear off or an insignificant case of email spam turns catastrophic? Thus, it is crucial for businesses to not just have a cybersecurity plan in place but also a process to assess cyber risks from time to time. By performing cybersecurity risk assessment, a business can identify risk factors that are most likely to affect the company, loopholes in the current data security plan and how much resources it would take to safeguard the business’s assets fully.

Since now most of the business’s data are stored over the cloud, it has made it accessible for hackers. Now, almost all business’s data is prone to hacks and breach. By putting the business’s assets and equipment under the scanner, it can assess the technical infrastructure and identify all the vulnerabilities it has. After the IT support firms conduct the assessment, they pass on the assessment report to the cybersecurity companies so that a responsive action to counter the problem can be devised.

A map of all relevant corporate assets
An ideal cyber risk assessment is the one that covers the entire corporate functions and elements. The whole business’s processing, applications it uses and users attached to the server should be put under the scanner while performing the assessment process. Since big organizations have large sectors, it can not be assessed at the entirety, here, it can be broken into small operations and evaluated. After breaking down the operational framework of the business, the IT professionals would be in a better position to check the entire business and scan it for cyber vulnerabilities.

Clarification of values
The value of any data for a business is relative. The data that is fundamental to the business’s success would always be valuable for the business. When performing the cyber risk assessment, it is vital to determine the importance of the data and the gravity of catastrophe it would generate if the data is hacked or lost. Do a thorough evaluation of how the loss of information will affect the revenue or future of the company.

Cost/benefit analysis of prevention versus defense
Budget is always a matter of concern for most business. Thus, when putting a business’s server into cybersecurity risk test, it is essential that the assessment can help it identify whether there should be a need to make an investment in new technology or fix the existing one. The evaluation should also be able to determine how a technology change will affect the functioning of a business.

Where monitoring is optimal
Over time the technology has evolved so much. It has in return transformed the business processes. But as new technologies keep changing, hacker and cyber criminals are increasingly getting advance. It is imperative for businesses to devise effective cybersecurity plans to address new threats. As a company grows, there is a need for them to add more systems and users to its server. These all have potentials to bring unexpected security threats to the business and its data. Thus, the cyber risk assessment should also identify methods to monitor the systems, users, products and new features and find out weak points that can turn into a threat.

IT consulting

Whom to Contact for IT Consulting & Solutions for Small Business in Virginia

As a small-business owner, one needs to wear many hats. You may find yourself taking on the role of CEO, accountant, salesperson, and marketer – often all within the same day. The one job that you may not be able to tackle on your own, though, is IT. Sure, you may know some computer basics, but for tasks like network setup, data backup, virus removal, and network security, you’re better off hiring someone who offers small business IT consulting services instead of going the DIY route. The serious challenges like hardware breakdown, software challenges, virus attacks, network down, data handling etc. make the small businesses vulnerable to great losses. There are multiple ways to seek IT support depending on the size and specific requirements of business. The 4 things that can be taken care of while deciding the right IT Consultants for your business are –

Experience matters – Practice makes a man perfect. This age old tenet holds true in this tech pro world as well. As finding IT Consulting in Virginia Beach is not difficult, what matters is how seasoned they are in their work. Moreover, if your service provider has already worked with the business as same as yours, it will be like a cherry on the cake icing. Extending small business IT solutions to the company who is known in nature becomes easy for both the parties.

Service availability on call – Any consultation is sought only when a person is in trouble and if at the time of despondency, the response is not received and proper guidance and support is not provided than the service is of no use. If you get prompt services you are in the safe hands.

IT insurance also need to be validated – Prevention is better than cure. One can’t control anything and many a times despite everyone’s best efforts, some deadlines get missed, blunders are committed, or people meet with an unwanted casualty.

References should also be checked – In the era of technical advancements, we live in the world which is full of cheaters and fraud, so it is a good idea to check references of the service provider before sharing the data and details of your company with any one. Another advantage of this is one get to have the feedback about their services and knowledge.

Apart from the above mentioned points it is also important to identify the needs of one’s business and accordingly one may decide whether they want to hire an expert for getting uninterrupted services at their campus or they want to get their issues to be resolved by outsourcing the work. Another option for large cap business is to get Managed IT services with personalized App development and futuristic, strategic planning. The only thing is be wise and choose nice.

10 Assessment Parameters for IT Consultancy Companies in Virginia

In the era of competitive world the continuous assessment of services being received is of paramount importance as it enables the receiver to ensure that the one gets the best. Most of the businesses prefer to be techno- friendly hence a timely evaluation can help them to receive the most competitive services in the best price particularly for
IT Consultancy in Virginia about which usually they themselves are novices.

Here, the question arises how to judge the performance of IT Consultant Companies especially in Virginia which is the hub of IT Service Providers. Some standard set of IT assessments parameters,to analyze the comprehensive and thorough performance of these companies, are listed below which would help the readers in understanding, exploring and winning the correct service provider for themselves.

  • Data Storage – The biggest area of concern is the safe and secure management of data in terms of quick accessibility, permissions and availability as per the size of business, if that is done properly than no need to bother.
  • Server Infrastructure –The server of any company is the technological and architectural scaffolding of any company which covers the warranty, support, virtualization and capability of the operating system. A firm foundation makes a strong building, a server is like base for the technological development of the business.
  • Network Infrastructure: An uninterrupted power supply, checks on

Environmental pollution, UPS etc. are the basic requirements of any IT supported business, if your IT consultant is providing the same than you can be relaxed.

    • Networking Carrier Services: ISP, network switching, wireless cabling and connectivity, LAN/WAN are the few services which needs to be up to date for the smooth functioning of any business.
    • Cloud Services: These services are itself vast in expanse and hence need a personalized care for maintenance. It includes compliance, availability and accessibility of data, service delivery models etc.
    • Business Services/Applications: A business is a web of a variety of functions like Active Directory/directory services, business intelligence, file/print sharing etc. are to be conducted smoothly.
    • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity: A true test of the IT Service Provider is done in the event of catastrophe. How quickly the lost data can be recovered, how is it safe from duplication and mishandling matters.
    • Network Security: Safety of the business data is the prime concern for everyone. The password policies, anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall, content filtering, physical security also need to be timely checked.
    • Telephony: All aspects of your telephony solution should be covered to ensure safety.
    • Anticipation of Risk: Anticipation of Risk after its detailed analysis and make the network ready for facing the same is also important.

You can identify the positives and negatives of your IT Service Consultants by testing them on the above listed expansive grounds and accordingly choose the best for your business.

Is the world ready for robot surgeons?

Robots have a lot of applications in society today, from manufacturing to some basic housekeeping, automated machines as what many would call them, are making useful contributions to everyday living.

But are we ready for a future with more advanced robotic systems? It may take some time before robots may actually take over their human counterparts. At the moment, we can see a lot of technological potentials for robots to become an operational component in IT solutions that can be leveraged by any IT consulting Virginia Beach as a performance-enhancing feature.

However, technology is taking robots a bit further and making strides in the fields of medicine.

Successful robot-assisted surgery
A team of eye surgeons assisted by a surgical robot successfully injected a thrombolytic drug in a hair-thin retinal vein of a patient to dissolve a blood clot.

The procedure, conducted by Dr. Peter Stalmans from the University Hospitals Leuven and his team of surgeons, inoculated a plasmin enzyme using a technique called retinal vein cannulation (RVC).

This was the first-ever robot-assisted procedure made due to the extreme precision needed to operate on retinal veins that are as thin as the human hair. The risky process of manual injection requires 10 minutes of non-stop inoculation of the drug into the affected section of the retina. A slight movement could damage the vein. The robot was developed by researchers at the ophthalmology and mechanical engineering departments from KU Leuven. The researchers also designed a 0.03-millimeter needle for use in the surgical process.

The surgeons successfully inserted a micro-fine needle directly into the retinal vein and eliminated vibrations while the ocriplasmin is administered slowly for 10 minutes straight.

The da Vinci surgical robot
The da Vinci surgical robot has been approved for use in laparoscopy procedures, giving doctors an edge in handling precise and delicate procedures to ensure the safety of patients going under the knife.

The robot allows doctors to make very precise incisions, as well as accurate positioning of medical tools during the surgical process.

Medical experts have reported high success rates in robot-assisted surgeries with the new technology, but people can rest assured that these processes are surgeon-operated and not fully automated for ethical reasons.

For now, autonomous AI-driven robots may find more realistic and impactful uses in IT service provider companies instead of the operating table in a hospital.